Some reviews of Orwell Ceilidh Band Cds and live performances.

'Dancing Fingers' is the debut disc from the recently formed Orwell Ceilidh Band, called after the parish that takes in Milnathort, where the band founder Neil Paterson lives.

A young confident sound that toe tappers will find addictive. The band is augmented by John Reid of Dunfermline and Perth Strathspey and Reel Societies, who plays a selection of his own tunes, and by Moira McGibbon of the Muirhead Accordion Band and of Craggan, too, as second box on most of the 15 tracks. Muirhead ranks quite highly on this album as both Gail and Moira were pupils of the late John Huband, and they include a tribute to him in the collection. It's very cheering to see such a young band, founded in 2000, and made up of young people, too, carrying on a proud tradition with such competence and assurance.

We'll be hearing more from them, I have no doubt.

Taken from the Scots magazine January 2004 'Listen to this with Alasdair Maclean'. 


" They received the biggest cheer of the night as a result of their performance. Neil plays a variety of instruments, mostly a large variety of whistles, but also a similarly diverse section of bagpipes inlcuding the highland pipes. Not content with playing everything that can be blown to produce a note, he also plays guitar."

Box and Fiddle Magazine: Review of Shetland Accordion and fiddle festival.


"The musicianship is first class. Neil Paterson's considerable skills across various types of pipes, whistle and guitar is enhanced with the outstanding accordion of Gail Cumming." The Perthshire Advertiser.



I though that this year's event was a great success. The ceilidh was well attended on Friday and the Orwell Ceilidh Band were in fine form.

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