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The Barn Rocks - The Orwell Ceilidh Band - CD2nd Orwell ceilidh band CD

2nd CD from the Orwell Ceilidh Band. As well as some popular well known tunes, we've included several new tunes on this Cd.   Three are by Neil and some are by our  Friends - Davie Summers, Ewan Stark and Karen hannah.


 Track list.

1) Jigs: The Ferry Crossers - The Roaring Barmaid - Brian Ness's Road to Recovery - Steven's Jig
2) 4/4 Marches: Roses of Prince Charlie - Murdo's Wedding - The Thistle of Scotland - The Barren Rocks of Aden
3) Waltzes: Ashokan Farewell - Miss Rowan Davies - Mr.& Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow
4) Twostep: The Household Brigade
5) Slow March: Tribute
6) Reels: Over the Hill - Father Kelly's Reel - Hurlock's Reel - The Banshee
7) Austrian Waltzes: Eckerischer - Warschaver - Kautzner Landler
8) Jigs: The Bride's Jig - Charles Anderson - Joshua James
9) Slow Air: Erin Paterson
10) Twostep: Stuart McWilliam's 90th.
11) Strathspeys,Reels&Jig: Maggie Cameron - Mac an Irish - Rocking the Baby - Mark's Dilema
12) Reels: Flagstone of Memories - Mickie Ainsworth - Ships Are Sailing - Donald Blue - Jack Broke da Prison Door
13) Smallpipe Waltzes: Banff to Victoria - Echo Lake - Glenfinnan
14) 2/4 Marches: The Balkan Hills - King George V's Army
15) Reels & Jigs: Circassian Circle - The New High Level - Miss C.M.Barbour - Mrs.Mary Printy - The Atholl Highlanders - Jig by P/M James Herd of Cardenden - Kenny Gillies of Portnalong - The Humours of Tulla

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Cairdeas - the Thinner Line

The second album from Cairdeas includes some great new, never recorded before, tunes and songs. Featuring Fiddles, highland bagpipes, smallpipes, whistles, guitar, vocals, mandolin and piano. 

Track list

1) Ramnee Ceilidh, (Gordon Duncan), Sleepy Maggie, (Trad.), The Lads o' Mull, (Trad.), One Degree from Ash, (Neil Paterson)

2) Johnny Sangster, (William Scott), Feat. Charlie Hunters jig, (Bobby MacLeod), Bradley Noble's, (Colin Ramage)

3) Islay Ranters, (Charlie MacKeron), The Teetotaller, (Trad), The Scholar, (James Hill), High Road tae Linton, (Trad.)

4) Dolina Morrison of Ness, (Colin Ramage)

5) Montrose, (Brian MacNeil)

 6) Maudabawn Chapel, (Ed Reavy), The Auld Wheel, (J.S.Skinner), Clueless, (Gordon Duncan), The Road to Errogie, (Adam Sutherland)

7) Were ye awa o'er the moor (Colin Ramage)

8) Fraser's wiggle (Neil Paterson), Price of a Pig, (Trad.), The Sally Gardens, (Trad.)

9) Bonny Ship 'The Diamond', Feat. Return to Chernobyl, (Ian Lowthian)

10) Tribute, (Neil Paterson)

11) John MacNeil's, (J.S.Skinner), Maid Behind the bar, (Trad.), The Reconciliation, (Trad.)

12) The Thinner line, (Colin Ramage)

14) Bobby Robb's Return to Common Ground, (Alan Jones), John McKernon, (Jas. McColl)

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Cairdeas - Autumn CDcairdeas scottish music
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Tunes Old and New - Neil Paterson - CDNeil Paterson CD

Neil's first solo CD

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Tribute - Download track 

You can Download this track from the 'Barn Rocks' album.